Homework for Wednesday, February 2

For Wednesday, please read chapter 1 and chapter 8 from the Badke textbook. Your first blog post of at least 100 words is due at the beginning of class. Please remember to come to class prepared with one question about the reading to get our discussion started.

In Chapter 8, Badke describes how to read in the face of a looming research assignment, when a large amount of varied resources all need your attention. For weekly reading assignments (for this course and others!), be sure to read carefully, closely, and slowly.

In chapter 1, Badke gives a broad historical overview of human communication from preliterate times to the present. As you read, pay attention to the range of technologies that have facilitated human communication throughout history. Also consider how the roles of “gatekeepers” have changed. Can you think of examples of gatekeeping? With the tools of publishing and distributing information widely spread, is the role of the gatekeeper more or less important?

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2 responses to “Homework for Wednesday, February 2

  1. The Badke book has a companion website, and excerpts (NOT full text) can be found there. There you will find the Preface and an abridged version of chapter 8, but chapter 1 is not available from the site.

  2. Since I have not been accepted as an author, I do believe that I will not be able to blog so I have decided to write the blog entry as a comment. Hopefully it fits

    Angel : chapter 1 summary

    Badke goes into detail briefly explaining the importance of receiving information and how it has come to revolutionizing the world around us and how the information flows. He first describes how information was passed on orally telling a story from when he was in Africa and about the people telling him which plants were “safe” to eat. He used this story as an example of passing on very important information orally from generation to generation “Traditionally”. Throughout the chapter, he ends up describing the breakthrough that this generation has and still is undergoing, the WWW. While describing that, he shows how it has thus become easier to share information and how it has also stayed the same (gatekeepers remain, tradition of passing it on).

    Chapter 8 Summary

    In this chapter, Badke gives outstanding tips on how to obtain information much more faster by simply reading between the lines and finding out the good stuff. He first says to be ruthless and not get lost in the information that is irrelevant. “You may not like what I have to say now, but I do have to say it. Any book or article you read for research purposes must be used and discarded as quickly as possible.” (Badke 137) following that quote he gives tips on how to find such relevant information based on the format and how the information is given (books TOC- Index/Article- Authors conclusion) following that, he talks about the advantages and disadvantages on note taking, further note taking, then a little talk about plagiarism

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