Feb. 2 Badke – ch8

Badke explains a great number of strategies on how to handle information of a research projects. Badke recommends filtering materials instead of reading them all, which will save a bunch of time, and it is not realistic to read all. Also, he suggests different techniques when approaching different types of resources.

Badke’s idea is to target on key information when preparing a research projects.  This is very helpful when a large amount of reading materials involved. However, many resources have identical information, such as most encyclopedias, newspaper, articles.  There is not much information left after filtering. This might result an insufficiency, but to find more other media for in-depth reviews, or reports.


One response to “Feb. 2 Badke – ch8

  1. Wilmer Dumaguala

    This are some good strong points you summaries from the reading. I totally agree with this post because it points out Badke’s strategies in finding faster information for research projects. some of Badke’s strageties are filtering the material you’re reading so you save time instead of reading the whole article or book. He also mentions focusing on keywords when reading a large amount of material. from a student point of view i can related to this because i found out that this strategies helps in a big way because i was able to find important information in a short amount of time with strong facts that supported my topic.

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