Chapters 1&8 Badke response blog

After reading chapter one I have learned that Information has been with us for thousands of years. Throughout our human history the only way our knowledge could be shared in the past was verbally. This was not such a reliable source of information since this knowledge could be forgotten or lost someway or another throughout the years. Not until literacy came into play did humans have any other way of sharing information. When the printing press came about our society gained one of the biggest sources of sharing and gathering mass information within the world. The only people restricting all information from being shared where the gatekeepers, they weren’t bad people they just made sure that all news being released to the public was relevant in some way. Information shared in our world of today has no limitations, there is so much more available data for the people of today compared to the people of the past. Means of  information such as social networking sites, Wikipedia and other websites allow people to come together and share and gather information like never before.

Chapter 8 shows us how not only can we gather information from inside a book but from the outside as well. By analyzing the title and subtitle we can gather an insight of just what the book we are about to research on would be about. This chapter shows us how not all parts of a book could be relative to your research paper. As a researcher we must read with an intent of learning, ask yourself if the information you are reading about will be relative to your paper. Do not just read without the intent of gathering new information. We must take good notes as well to facilitate our ways of gathering information as said by William B Badke “we don’t have the mind nor the stamina to retain everything etc…”. This being said taking notes on relative data is most essential.


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