response to chap 1 and 8

Information is very important.  We have a need for information in our every day life.  We learn new and important things through information.  In chapter ! Badke introduces the need of information and the use of it.  Information is meant to inform.  In every source we use there is information. Information has to be relaible and relevant.  Before print information was passed orally through speech and presenations.  A advantage of printing was that it lessened the need to spread information through oral terms and lessened that need to memorize huge chunks of information. The chinese invented the printing press before the Europeans.   A Blog gives us a chance to post our thoughts, ideas and opinons and other to share thier opinon.  Skills are needed to obtain information in a meanigful way.  We need to use the info that is relevant to the topic and cut out those that are not.  We have to understand the matieral we are using.


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