Digital Media- Hw for 2/7

Technology is something that has changed our lives in a great way.  Technology has brought upon many opportunities and opened up many new ways to communicate and pass on mass media.  In the article “New Technology and the media: An uneasy alliance” , it talks about how media technology and how it started.  The media has had a huge effect  through radio and T.V.  and newspapers are less read and needed than it was before due to new technology.  Mass media has had a huge affect on our culture.  technology has changed the way of media and drowned out the old traditional ways that media was passed on.  Technology also raises ethical issues due to the fact that technology replaces some old ways of media.  New technology also provides better and more efficient ways for journalists and media professionals to do their job.  The most significant technology for journalists are mobile and handheld devices.  These types of technology allow journalists to gather more news in a longer time.  Technology also changes the way of storytelling and media in positive and engaging ways.


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