Feb. 7 Pavik – digital media

Pavik reviews the development of media technology in late 20th and early 21st centuries, addressing a few critical issues about the invention of newer technologies. Each of the major improvements places a step of mile stone in history, however, Pavik also points out a dilemma which comes with it.

Photography equipment makers have set their aims to low end users in recent age. That originally was a luxury habit or professional usage. Since the price’s remarkably low for an entry level device, it attracts a good number of fans to start practicing photography. The downside is, everyone is a possible free lancer. Remembering one of the famous comics Spider-Man, in which Tony Parker lives on the photos he takes of spider man. On the other hand, the digital age has given a superior power which endangering the honesty and accuracy of media releases, as Pavik says, “this is visually authentic to even the most experienced eye.” Even though, everyone can report news, but not everyone is qualified as reporter.


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