Badke chp. 1&8

Knowing what is the best source to use for a research paper or even for personal use is always a hassle. Its either you never know what is the best source to use, what is efficient enough or better yet up to date. Badke gives out many useful tips and guidelines in how to know what information is accurate and trust worthy, and he also explains how technology now has better or worsen our use of looking up sources.

Badke explains how  we slowly have developed and changed our ways of looking up source whether it was traditional by being passed down orally, being put into paper, using the WWW, using E-Books, electronical devices or even using every ones favorites sources the social networks. What he tries to get across is how should we know what is legit and what is fake. Well in the articles he recommends us to use source engines that are either directly from the horse’s mouth, or better yet directly from  gatekeepers which are documents that are reviewed by individuals more than one time to make sure the information is accurate rather than getting information form wiki sites that are changed through the years by any “fool” as he refers to them.


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