Digital Age

Digital Age

History has a major impact on the future especially  when it come to transforming media, current events, and upgrading technology. In Pavlik, Media in the Digital Age, it is explained how  many inventions like electromagnetic telegraph inventions of the radio and television. The fact that we were able to tell a story with images to help explain an event has helped many writers and the press.

Even thought we are impressed in the fact that many of these inventions have came about throughout history, we are also impressed of how technologies rapid increase has changed society as well. Internet has slowly taken over the world of media. It is now very rare that you would find people buying newspaper, magazines, or even a book because of the fact that the internet has been able to proved everything for us whether it is directly on our computers, phones, and now e-readers. The Internet world has made everyone that post blogs, write article expressing their personal opinions on things and people that own social networks all journalist.

– Irelis Pimetel


One response to “Digital Age

  1. Speaking of technology improvements, I have a different approach. Recently, I was searching for a new phone to replace my blackberry curve, because its trackball does not track a thing sometimes.
    With a numerous option available in the market, I could choose from the big apple to even Garmin-Asus, which is a GPS phone. After reviewing all the advertisements and expects’ reviews, I was thinking to buy a regular phone. I am fully aware that, 4G network is out, and fast. However, no one really knows how fast it is, and how fast it shall be. On the other hand, I was able to access Internet everywhere, at home, at school or at work. I couldn’t find a reason to surf the web with a magnifier.
    All my concern was a simple phone, with long battery life, good reception, and simple design but tough. Guess what, I couldn’t even find one. For all these investments, from 3G network to 4G, and well known walkie talkie to finger hurting messaging, i would awkwardly conclude, that it indeed improves the quality of life.

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