Digitalization of Traditional Media

How has technological change effected public communication?

Before you could only talk to someone through a landline. Now you can talk to someone with a camera and a microfone hooked up to your computer so you wouldnt have to type just talk.

What do you think about the tension between old media and new media? Does it even exist?

There most definetly is a tension between the old and new media for there are still channels that hence on the old technology and do just fine but then there are the High Definition news channels that update their viewers by sending them massmessages to their facebook. There is a Big difference between the two from the viewers all the way down to the technology used.

If anyone can be an author, what happens to the quality of information?

The quality is diminished. It all looks the same and sometimes even sounds the same, but that doesnt mean it isnt USEFUL information. Now it can be specific for those who are looking for what they want research on.


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