The article on “Critical Thinking, Deviant Knowledge and the alternative Press” made a really good point on how society just loves to focus on the money verse the actual  message the media and press should be doing. The article make a very interesting point on how there are many corporations that would not join other smaller or self profit corporations just so that they could stay ahead of the game and because they want to satisfy the needs of the government. The government in today’s society are afraid to educating the young mind with the “truth” because they are scared on what the young and wise minds are capable of doing. It is well known the when you read an article in the newspaper for example there is something the media is not telling you, but when there is more in depth researched done you always find something new and that sounds more accurate then the pervious argument. Government and many media press love the word “censor” which is what they love to do. The reason that government takes pride in censoring is because they don’t want the media to expose the truth behind a particular story, and this can be for many different reasons.  This is when alternative press comes in handy and the reason for this is so we are able to listen, read and understand what society really thinks or what is really going on in our world today. The alternative  press does not holds their tongue. They speak their mind and cut to the chase without going around the bush with information. I believe this is what our generation today should be looking into more.

In today’s  media press we do not have many good mind capturing writers because of the whole censoring that we have in society with our newspapers, magazines, and even with our own textbooks. But there are many alternative actions that we are able to take like making our own zines. Zines, allow people to express their mind and though with just a paper and a marker or anything of your choice, which out holding anything back. With zines we are able to take whatever we would like the world to know and just be able to express our minds freely without us being afraid on what will be said to us. Zines is what you can actually consider the paradise of freedom of thought.

-Irelis Pimentel


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