Critical thinking, Deviant Knowledge, and the Alternative Press

The article of Critical thinking, Deviant Knowledge, and the Alternative Press, by Thomas Eland, wants it’s readers to basically question society and ask the why and the how of things. This article makes a vital point when it states, “Even when we see something with our own eyes, we don’t see as it is.”-Eland pg 4. I couldn’t agree more with this statement. For some reason we always let society and the views of others manifest themselves through the things we see. We never stop and actually try to analyze and ask ourselves well how does this relate to me? Or how does this make me feel? Or how do I think this came to be? Instead we look around as if to seek answers and approval from others. I think that it is in our nature to fall into these categories that involved political, economic, and religion just because we rather seek for the answers to our questions but from someone else then to actually try and figure it out for ourselves. Perhaps were afraid of what we might really find out if we actually sat there and thought about all the conspiracies and theories out there. I also like that this article brought up points about our media involving our newspapers and how they lack on sections concerning our society and democracy. Basically the media is only interested in making the big bucks with things like advertising then devoting along a section in the newspaper with information involving citizens with the democracy and the participation of debates or the matters affecting our quality of living. So this is where the alternative press comes into place. The alternative press is the voice that speaks for the people. It is the press that focuses on the issues of the workers, civil rights, public education and so forth. The people in charge of this press are more involved in their stories and they reject the framed issues and stories written by the mass media. The alternative press strongly believes that a society should be able to make up their own mind about the type of editorial stance and bias that is represented by the media. They also believe that if our government is made up from the opinions and voices of the people that we should be entitled to that right. If were are truly a democracy shouldn’t more alternative press be available to the people?

-Astrid Sarmiento


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