Necessity for speed, make up for 2/7

Well after reading the text I have to say that the relation between technology and the media can be considered rough one but a necessary one. While technology has allowed for growing rivalry to media it also vastly increases the speed of news and the scope of audience allowing for much more people to read any individual’s work. So while technology has threatened Media monopoly on distributing work it also furthers their ability to spread news and information to much larger ranges of people and in many different places rather then constantly releasing information at a slow rate to fewer areas.


One response to “Necessity for speed, make up for 2/7

  1. That is pretty true. At the cost of having to worry about the nitty gritty technology becoming something we cant live without, it also becomes a big teacher in allowing more kids to learn day by day about topics they might have never looked into until they had the technology to do it with. Hopefully it all becomes useful for as long as possible and not just a waste of resources that we end up throwing away for being inaccurate after a long period of time.

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