Hw for mon 2/14 (Radiohead’s ‘Rainbows’: Is Free Release A Potential Pot of Gold?)

We are in a generation where technology has evolved and almost anything is possible. For, example, getting our hands on the latest music is just a click away.   Even listening to music on the go. is convenient and easy.  Back in the day, there used to be cd players and walk-mans and we would need to buy cd and batteries and so on.  In the article Radiohead’s ‘Rainbows’: Is Free Release A Potential Pot of Gold?” is an article about a music group called the “rainbows” and how people can get their album.  People cannot buy or download their album through iTunes or even stores.  They actually have to go to the band website. It is available as free but people can also pay for it.  The question rises if the free release is a good or bad thing.  Radiohead is practically telling people to steal the alum. However, there are a few fans that will actually pay for their album. The Radiohead’s decision to release it free affects the record industry which is already sinking.


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