Feb.14 – Free Release is good but does not last forever

Radiohead releases new album for free download in their band’s website. However, this news was about 3 years old, and the link is already deactivated for download. Which reminds me, free stuff usually does not last long. Releasing something free is easy, but to maintain it at priceless state is hard. Maybe someone will say, there is no cost to this alum, or only a few. The time this band spent in creation,  a recording equipment, and a computer. The pie is baked and ready to the world as on youtube. The fact is not that simple.

The band has to rent an internet host, which hosts their blogs and albums. Malitz said in the article “Yesterday the site was jammed, apparently due to high traffic.” As the exclusive resource, there is no need to be a scientist to foresee the high traffic volume. Web host burns money,  and donation most likely can’t help a lot. Therefore, it is better to fetch the free stuff right away before it vanishes.


One response to “Feb.14 – Free Release is good but does not last forever

  1. I agree with this comment because stuffs that are out there for free most likely people will be attracted to this because it wouldn’t cost them anything. The band Radiohead gave the fans the option in buying their new albums or getting it for free straight from their website only because their albums weren’t available anywhere else.
    I don’t feel strongly about this decision because people will mostly go for the free stuff and it will be hard for the band to get any profit for their hard work in developing their album if they giving it away for free. That’s why the free stuffs ran out quickly.

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