Love for Labels: Are record labels soon to be a thing of the past?

After reading, Love for labels: where are the voices of the record companies?, by Serona Elton I was speechless because I was completely unaware of the major issues going on in the music industry. There is so much more going on beyond the downloading of music within the digital media and it was interesting to find this out through this article. I still can’t believe that many audiences feel that many recording artists should no longer have labels. I feel that a record company is the most vital aspect of a music business. They’re the people who are behind an artist and/or a band. The record companies are the people who are responsible in promoting, distributing, marketing, and producing the artist’s music. Think about it if the artist is new to the whole environment of music, who will they relay on if they have no label supporting them or yet alone how will this artist be secure enough to even protect their own music. Recording companies are important because they have individuals who work and know what they are doing in order to help the artist out. Most importantly we need recording labels because they are able to make an artist grow and evolve within their career. Recording labels have also helped us to recognize and value many artists. By taking out recording labels it will be much difficult to accept new and upcoming artists without a trusted label. I can see why many people might feel this way and it’s because technology has expand in many ways for artists to write, record, and release their own material in many websites.

-Astrid Sarmiento


2 responses to “Love for Labels: Are record labels soon to be a thing of the past?

  1. Record labels used to be important for an artist to get out to the public, but now you dont need the label at all, you just have to DIY via the internet because its so much simpler with the advances in technology. Record labels have the power to release and hold back music from the public which can be either real good or real bad for the artist. Another thing you have to remember is record labels are GREEDY. The types of deals they are signing with artist now entitles them to a percentage of EVERYTHING that the artist make even if it has nothing to do with music. Thats why a lot of artist choose to take the fully independent road where they along with management control everything they put out and any revenue that comes in.

  2. You are so right I completely disregarded how greedy label records can get and after reading your comment I don’t know why but I suddenly had underground rappers popped into my head. There so many good underground artists out there that have never been signed into a label and many of them have still reached out to an audience of listeners and fans so in the end maybe releasing their material independently is not such a bad idea.

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