Producers of Digital Media

After reading Media in the Digital Age by John V. Pavlik, I learned about the websites who feature strong search engines as well as extensive media content. Pavlik argues that there is no major search engines because a lot of content is sometimes removed from them. One example of this is when certain videos are taken off Youtube because of copyright issues.  Pavlik also feels that Youtube and Google are not sufficient enough as search engines to find information.  Although these are 2 of the most popular search engines that only attract growing numbers of visitors every day.  The author still feels that we need more reliable search engines to access the information that is being taken away or  in some instances being hidden from others. He also goes on to discuss about the producers of digital media such as journalists who write on web-blogs. These web-blogs contain a variety of topics for many different types of audiences. He also states about video-streaming and how it has become increasingly popular in the area of journalism. Many reporters are able to stream videos online and give viewers the behind the scenes stories and although this might take some time to upload, many television networks have been up for the challenge and have already achieved to stream and report their news via videos online. Therefore, video advertising is also gradually growing in the media. Many reporters feel that some news are well told through moving images rather then in words and I agree because many viewers are able to be drawn more to a news that features action. The audience could also be impact through the content that is being recorded live or filmed during the moment. Even if a reporter were to use exaggerating words to describe a commotion, the viewer will never be captivated or yet alone be able to understand or be convinced as much from just describing the situation, the audience will also be more in tune with the news that features the evidence. Therefore a video is a much more useful tool to report and get the point across.

-Astrid Sarmiento


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