Woah is me! Free Mp3?

Honestly, I cant say that I am a big fan nor can I say that I’m a “Die Hard” fan of Radiohead, but I can say that “15 Step” is one of the trippiest songs I have ever heard in the 18 years that I have living here on this planet (And yes it is in my ipod). That being said, I DONT like the idea of actually making it free. It is a really sketchy move to make on their behalf to try and “get more fans”, but there is a possibility that this might just be the last best album that Radiohead ever releases. Whether it becomes successful or not, it has started a spark in new ways to release music. In my opinion, it is taking food off of the table. I’m not saying charge a thousand bucks for the whole CD but really think about which recording industry you decide to work with. If all else succeeds in this “Pot of Gold Experiment” I might end up studying to be a Producer for nothing but pennies.

Good Job Radiohead :/

Download 5 tracks from In Rainbows here.


One response to “Woah is me! Free Mp3?

  1. I totally agree, with you on this. Making music free is a great risk for a musical group. But if it succeeds in this “experiment” then it could definitely be a great thing, fan-wise. But at the expense of profit. In other ways, if they distribute these free songs and people like them, then when they have albums that require buying, they will more likely make a profit. So hopefully this is a success.

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