Behind the Curtains with Record Companies

The article named The Problem with Music by Steve Albini, brings up many hidden issues that I was unaware about with the record companies. Sure it has always been known that a lot of record companies are only in for the money. But Albini takes us way and beyond the curtains of how they really work to gain the respect and to brainwash a lot of these young prospective bands. He explains about the A& R’s and how many of them are as young as the bands who are being signed on. The A &R’s which initials stand for “Artist and Repertoire,” are the people who are hired from these record companies to present their faces to the prospective bands. The A &R’s promised the world to these bands but in reality the A&R’s and the prospective bands are just the guinea pigs of the experiment. The record companies basically pry on these people because when you’re young a lot of times you’re naive and you believe everything. The record companies use the A&R’s to persuade the bands to sign a deal memo, which states here and there that at some point the band will be signed to a label once a contract has been agreed on and even if these prospective bands change their mind after signing the deal memo, record companies aren’t really losing much because they can always find some other artist/band to sign into the contract.These capitalists running these record companies only real intentions is to see how much money they can milk from the artist/band’s hard work.

-Astrid Sarmiento


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