hw for 2/16 wikipedia, social networking, social media

Today, with the world of technology rising, everyone relies on the internet for almost everything.   Research today is almost always done online. When we research something the first thing that comes to mind is Wikipedia. It’s usually the first links that comes up in Google so people usually click that link and use the information from there.  The article “The Charms of Wikipedia” talks about the facts of Wikipedia and the affect that it has had on the world. I learned from reading the article that there are at least 2.2 million articles which awe me.  Also, that Wikipedia is used more than Amazon and Ebay.  In Wikipedia you can type almost anything and find an article about it.  There are also controversial issues about whether some of the information on Wikipedia is true and reliable or not. Also, there are not many contributors to it.  Social networking is also something that is huge. The video on “social networking in plain English” shows us how easy it is to do things like send a letter and communicate. Social networking opens up many connections that we wouldn’t be able to find. The video on social media talks about how it helps people share their thoughts, communicate, share feedback, and opened up many new ways to share stuff.


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