Notes for today, and homework for Wednesday, February 23

For next Wednesday, read The Politics of Research by B. Martin and write one reading response blog post. It is one of the more challenging reading assignments of the semester, so as you read, make a note of any questions you have and bring them to class (write them down if you need to). UPDATE: please bring a paper copy of the article with you to class on Wednesday!

I thought I would assign the Wikipedia article on Web 2.o for  you all to read for today, but as you can see from its talk page, there is a lot of controversy and concern about this article; some think that it is too biased, others that it is not critical enough. Some think that “web 2.0” is just a meaningless buzzword. What do you think? Comments are welcome!

Today’s slides are here.

Enjoy the long weekend! ~Prof. L.


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