Wikipedia? or We can deceive ya? YOU choose!

We all know that at least once in high school, while you were doing either a research paper, a simple biography on an author, or even just looking up a random famous dead persons name, that a teacher has told you not to use Wikipedia. Speaking of Wikipedia, that is out topic. Wikipedia is a wonderful site where anyone with a brain and fingers can put some information about who, what, where, or how they know something. One the font page of the site, after selecting your language, it says The Free Encyclopedia that ANYONE can edit. Pause. I hope you caught that. ANYONE can edit ANYTHING on this site.

Do not get me wrong, there are vast amount of correct information on this site that can help thousands of millions of people. But any random psycho can also go onto hmm… I don’t know, Barrack Obama’s Wiki and say that he hates ponies and kicks puppies. We know its not true but hey you never know someone being quick to copy and paste something about Mr. Obama’s history can read the first sentence, see that its legit, but fail to realize that the rest is bogus. That is why I do not trust and/or use Wikipedia for important things anymore.

On the other hand, there are small excerpts of wiki site such as where fans of shows, magazines, sports, activities and other things build 99% trustworthy sites dedicated to the specific event. I often use the site above to keep up with the episode guide and important factors about the show I watch. Not once have I been deceived on this site.

To wrap this up, Wikipedia is a brilliant idea for a website. But it is to insecure to be trusted for vital information if you have no knowledge of the topic. It would never be my first line of offence. Try another site, get an idea, and then if you really want to, come back and decipher between right and wrong on your own.  You choose!!! ^_^


One response to “Wikipedia? or We can deceive ya? YOU choose!

  1. Wiki has defintately made things easier for a quick question to be answered but as everyone has said a thousand times before, it’s not reliable. The website was a great idea and will be for a long time but it has its major downfall. If there could be a university where the only thing they do is resarch and post to a website similar to wikipedia it could help make information reliable and factual.

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