Research really is restricted!

This long and thought provoking article titled The politics of research By Brian Martin, is based on the longer book titled information liberation. It was amazing for me to see that knowledge unless relevant to some big powerful corporation was not really researched by people just because of funding. For example if a scientist finds a new discovery that may help aid some disease which is not really funded the scientist may just let it go. But when talking about finding cures for such diseases like aids all research and time usually goes into that because its heavily funded.

This article had many different views on intellectuals and why people mainly seek knowledge. “why do we go to school and seek higher education?” the simple answer is just to make more money. We end up working for big corporations without usually thinking what we can do for the world with this new knowledge. There are many important roles that experts and intellectuals can portray but simply choose not to. “Why?!” you may ask “why don’t we try to help each other? I believe that this is because we are usually just focused on helping ourselves “what money would we gain from helping others?”. Probably nothing but the impact on the world and our society for equality and better living this is what human activist groups fight for. We are mainly all so focused about ourselves, we never try to think about what we can actually contribute to others.


One response to “Research really is restricted!

  1. Yea i totally agree, people are being trained to be money machines now a days. Instead of helping the world in a major way, people focus on their selves. I use President Obama as a prime example, he was never rich he grew up moving around most of his life, but his focus was using his education to help the world not himself.

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