reading “The Politics of Research”

In the world money is the main source of the economy, without it we can buy or sell nothing. Wasting money is easier than gaining because you have to work hard for it. I strongly agree with the article The Politics of Research because its true many people can’t let their ideas be known to the public because of the money that is require for them to have funds so they can do further their research.

This holds back many professionals from doing their research at their full extent since they don’t have much to go on. In this article it states that “funding for the majority of formal research in the world today is provided by the government and corporations”. This clearly has a higher agenda than other trade unions. This is because researchers are paid to look only for certain types of knowledge.


One response to “reading “The Politics of Research”

  1. I totally agree with your statement and I believe that money does make the world go round and and this is why many researchers were outcasted from getting their work noticed. Many of them didn’t have the sufficient funds invested in their research. This clearly drew many researchers back from being as successful as the ones who were funded by the government.

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