if Facebook twitters…

Boyd’s states some advices on how to approach teenager’s activities on social network.  He mentions that conversation is more important to play the role which, I strongly agree with. However, from time to time, conversation is not the best method to guide youngsters a way to grow up. Teenagers themselves tend to have a greater impact more than some words of a wise man.

A word would spread around the world in less than a second. It’s then read, and passed from one to another, and spreads like gems. Finally they will say, hmm I’ve not been thinking what’s right what’s wrong, all my life is to replicate what other says.  To learn how evil this world is, and digest the truth, maybe this is how we will grow up, but not through social network sites.


One response to “if Facebook twitters…

  1. I 100% agree that the words of a peer will penetrate the shell of a teenager more than the words of a wiser, older person outside of this teenagers peer group. Countless time i have been told things in my life, but I usually didn’t take it under full consideration until I was confronted by my friends. Its just something that automatically happens in the average teenagers brain, its strange but so true.

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