online privacy

In the article of Online privacy internet is the means in communicating and making transitions with millions of people around the world. I strongly agree with this article that privacy can sometimes be violated by purchasing items through the web because it can be tracked down by the recent items people bought. People can track users’ actions on specific Web sites and their movements across many sites specially by sending ads. This is a problem for people who buy things online and for those who uses the web for social networking, like facebook or MySpace because users puts information about themselves on their profile for others to read.

There are someways to avoid being track down from the information you put in social networks. Some social networking sites inform you to add your address or phone number or any other information that is require to create an account, but that all can be avoided by inputting false information. This is not a strong strategy, but it prevents from being track down more easily. Of course this can be work for some sites but not for all of them specially when buying something online with your credit card.


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