“I know, I’ll make my profile private!!”

There is no privacy on Social Networking Sites (SNS). This is my opinion. Even through setting my facebook profile on private, I have seen some of my content on pages of people I didnt even know until i search what I wrote. “Sharing” buttons that was added to facebook awhile ago, takes the content of your friends and basically puts it on your profile as theirs. This takes the content that was escaping the view of others through private profiles and showing it to all of their friends as well.

In the article “Social Network Sites: Public, Private, or What?” The authors section about Mediated Publics expresses that the online environmental spaces can easily substitute for Non-mediated Publics. But each has a few unique properties. One property that Mediated Publics has is called “Replicability”. This is saying that, as I stated before, Information that you put up can easily be copied and placed somewhere without you having anything to do with it.

So in short, there can never be a truly private SNS because information is forever flowing whether it is from you or someone else.


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