Pravicy changing definitions

Our pravicy is our own responsiblity and it is not a birth right it is the prviledge that we need to be more aware of in this digital world. Websites like facebook has change every single privacy mode each year. I believe that we should not give out personal information to anyone. Anyone who has the desires to steal our good name and dignity. Also we must be cautious about giving out personal information to strangers. Some strangers are stalkers or even people who want to steal their idently. Other government websites don’t even give out the pravite information of their own because of terriorist retainning the information against us. The challege that face us today is are we really giving so much information to other people we know? The answer is yes, the real solution is to be more informed about whether or not we want to show the publicity of high profile. There are so many people now who are being blinded that big brother is watching somewhere. Searching for the next victum and luring them into their lair going for what they are looking for.


2 responses to “Pravicy changing definitions

  1. They know where you live, or they will very soon! I noticed an interesting news story about online privacy and wanted to encourage everyone to follow it. According to this article in the Wall Street Journal Online, Facebook will allow third-party application developers access to members’ phone numbers and street addresses. Presumably Facebook users would be able to control their own privacy settings and opt out of sharing this personal information, but it prompts me to ask of what use are our street addresses to Facebook application developers? Why do they want to know where we live? ~Prof. L.

  2. I agree with you ownning your privacy is a priviledge nowadays, mainly because there are so many ways that we aren’t even aware of how might have exposed oursleves to persons we aren’t aware have targeted us. It’s something scary to think aboiut or even consider because we have put ourselves in that position. We don’t have to wait until something harmful happens to us in order for us to take precaution about our personal information. It’s just a smarter move to question before we provide our information to anyone or type into any website.

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