What do young individuals consider plagiarism? In today society plagiarism is done in everywhere . Plagiarism can be harmful in many ways but in my prospective can be in some way educational. When I say this I don’t expect a person to just take an article and just write their name on it but what I am trying to say is that there is a limit on what we like to use from a source and just use it for our own knowledge. In the article the President of Hamilton university knew that it was wrong on plagiarizing in his speeches especially when knowing as a lead of a university it will raise eyebrows but what I asked myself when reading the article is didn’t he just use it as reference or as a note to look back to? Many colleges have high standards when it come to plagiarism and many will not tolerate this act, but I feel that if a person does take part in it there should just be a warning instead of being expelled.



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