The Intellectual Thiefs Ways…

“Plagiarism isn’t a bad thing simply because it’s an act of intellectual theft–although it is that. It’s a bad thing because it takes the place of and prevents learning.” – Maurice Isserman

Plagiarism: to steal and pass off the ideas or words of another as one’s own.        In other words, STEALING. By plagiarizing you are thieving. Which is a crime by the way. Thats bad but it isn’t the worst part academically.

By plagiarizing you aren’t using that wonderful brain of yours. You are taking someone else’s work, calling it yours and going on about your business. Throughout this process you have not learned a thing. Intellectual theft and bliss ignorance.

A Thief takes things they see fit for taking and puts it to use as if it was theirs. They did not put any work towards getting it. They simply took it and used it happily. It is the exact same thing with intangible ideas, words, and reasons, therefore is wrong when used without consent, proper credit, and intentions.


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