hw for 3/9 search engines, databases, keywords

This is the age of technology and the internet.  Everyone uses the internet, which means almost everyone uses search engines to search almost anything. The article “How search engines works” talks about how search engines are used and how they work.  Search engines are an information retrieval system.  Chapter 3 in the Badke book talks about how databases are collections of data that are obtained using organized searching procedures.  An example of a database is a phonebook that has names, addresses, phone numbers etc.  Databases are usually organized in alphabetical order that’s why they are said to be organized.  There are many few people who can search a database properly.  Even if you are good in using the computer sometimes searching one word may not be enough or may bring up thousands of records that aren’t really needed.  This is where keyword searching comes in place.  Searching by keyword is the main one people use.   However, whatever keyword you type in is what you get. Even though it is quick, many different words have the same meaning or one word has different meanings.  It may be relevant but being descriptive would make the search easier. There is also something call a AND search it narrows down your topic and limits it.

Mona samad


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