Badke in chapter 3 tries to simplify the use of databases through keywords. He puts everything into three words that we use in almost every sentence AND, OR and Not. Retrieving and effecttive search database is as simple as to including any of these three words wether your search is of putting two concepts togethes with AND or trying to eliminate what yor not interested in finding. A new concept that I learned in this chapter is the use of the asterick when trying to incluce synonyms in your research. This could’ve came very handy to me throughout all these years knowing this sooner could have saved me a lot of time and headaches. I use to be a whole sentence keyword typer which didn’t work most of the time.


One response to “Keywords

  1. One issue we didn’t have time to discuss, and that wasn’t well covered in the readings, is natural language searching — when a searcher types in a phrase the way he or she would say it or write it — instead of searching with keywords and AND, OR, or NOT. Generally search engines handle natural language queries better than library databases, but this is starting to change (I hope!) ~Prof. L.

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