Today there are so many different types of source engines that we can use all over the web. There are many common source engines and many “bootleg” as we like to say fake ones. But is that the real case of way people are not able to find what they are actually looking for in the web? Well according to Badke it’s not the source engine that you use in looking for information but how you look for it. I totally agree with this concept and the way that it is described. Badke explains that what we need to focus on are KEYWORDS when we are looking for information. Many time we don’t realize that looking for information also takes time to look so the right one.  We can just type any on a source engine we need to be specific, and use key words that would lead us straight into the necessary information instead so we have minimize our search and go straight to the point of what we are trying to look for.

-Irelis Pimentel



  1. I totally agree with your statement. Being specific in keywords is very important in order to access the information we want quicker and it saves us the burden.

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