google, yahoo, bing, is there a differance?

Plenty of people use these search engines everyday, and plenty of people have their own reasons for using the one they do. Some use one because its their default or because its their favorite. There are a few minor diferances between them such as bing and google, google tends to adapt to the user and find ads and the website that may suit the user more. While I’ve noticed that bing just gives you the most looked at page. Personally I use google just because it is my browsers default. All of the sites use the method of tags to find a website, the more specific you are about what you search it will help you find what you are looking for a lot faster.


One response to “google, yahoo, bing, is there a differance?

  1. To be honest, I’ve always found google to be the best search site because it was the fastest and because of instant. I dont ever really search for anything so broad besides the email sites and facebook. Even when it comes to images I do end up finding everything I need alot faster. Maybe its all just the way the site runs, or just that most people favor it because of its speed and accuracy.

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