Born Digital

We live in a world that we can access almost anything. All of the modern and more advance technology that we have now could lead to new possibilites. We live in a generation that we could carry something that poweful and small into our hands without carrying it in our backs. But make no mastake the older generation are more offended with outdated technology that they have been using from 40 years or more. The older generation did not realize that they could download songs from the computers. They thought that you can buy those CDs and tapes on sale. They did not recognized that they watch movies on demand and not buying VHS or in some cases DVDs. What the older generation did not have is innovation that will shape their lives. In fact our parents always wonder what the future holds for them. From another man on another to living on a moon it seems out of reach for them despite years of conflict and curruption from other nations. We are so thankful of how much has change in the past 20 years. We can do anything that is more convinent and to adapt without the fear of not knowing what technological advances they will use next.


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