Metadata is one way we tend to fall into usless searches. Some searches that we are looking for are not there. No matter how many searches we used we can not looking what we are looking for. Finding stuff online can be a hassle and somewhat time consuming. We often search page after page after page and we still cant find anything that we wanted. For example finding who invented the letter A. You may be surprised to see so many results. But when you type it as the keyword or html the first one on the page you see is wikipedia. Sure wikipedia is a great tool to find out the history of the letter but you want some true stories about the invention of the letter A in other websites. You can try to search page by page which is endless. But if you can type down the right results you will find it eaiser to find exactly what you are looking for. Even it contains lots of typing we have to be more careful the way we type words. Some words or sentence could lead to different websites that starts or ends with a letter A. I have once tried to find loans and all I end up is so many results as much as 100,000 or more. Now I know that I need to be cautious about the way we type words or sentences that has a definite meaning


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