Non Text media

In this day of age we can find another way without using text. Instead we use the audio or even video. For them it is advantage for the blind. Like us who want to listen to the music and even singing. The blind could now do the same thing we do like listen to their voice without reading in bumps. Whether we use sype or any type of audio media. We are always want to sound better. Although that may not be true for any situation. Our voice will sounds differently like listening to another accent that we may sometimes forgot what they are really saying behind their true voice. Images on the other hand has their ups and downs about their looks. With so many HD cameras recorded each day we not only seen their face but their own ethincity of who they are. Their true colors often offend them not knowing if someone who is judging by the way they looks and not their appearances. Lastly multimedia despite having a excellent reputation in multicasting and editing. It could lead to stealing people work without noticing. We are so caught up posting videos and editing that the other visitors tends to steal the video and reused it without notice. Audio, Multimedia, and Images are a great way to communicate with other people without using words. Like they are always say a picture is worth a thousand words.


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