Search engine

There are many websites that contains webseraches. From google to bing we have tend to find a way to find searches that suits us bests. Often times searches are more confusing and time consuming. We try to type every single words and it seems that only we find is even more results that does not involved the specific results. What we can do is to narrowing down the results to only a few thousand or hundreds. We can write down one keyword and find what is exactly what we are looking for. It will saves us a lot of time and stress just to search one word or a sentence. We can either use the browser to write down the following information to see what we results we have. It may work for some people but often times it could be misleading and don’t know what to do. Especially doing research essays which is more stressful than looking it up on a computer. We need to be more careful of what we are searching before typing a word. We can look for every single page from sun up to sun down and not find one piece of infomation, or we could use the browser to save us time searching specific results online


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