You have to “want it!”

In chapter 2 of Badke’s book he explains how the burning desire to do well in our research paper will result in a superb job in the end. As he states in his text “…by definition, most people can do n average project.”.  Anyone can accomplish writing an average paper it takes a student with inspiration and desire to write one that’s above average. Your topic must have the potential to become a long paper, You must also be interested in your topic because, if you don’t sound interested just imagine how your professor would feel when he or she reads it. As Badke states your grade will reflect on it. Once you have your topic narrow it down to a good question, following these steps will result in a paper you and your professor may be interested in.


2 responses to “You have to “want it!”

  1. I completely agree with your statement if the student is not interested in his/her topic it will reflect through out the paper and the professor will certainly notice as he/she might also become bored by it. Therefore, picking a topic that you can at least relate to, have an interest in, or at least have some type of knowledge about, will be a great start to beginning and ending a good paper.

  2. I think he really goes around this part too much in chapter 2 he makes it seem as though we punish the professor and he/she ends up the victim when in all honesty, some kids DONT know how to do good research. I think he needs like a day off or 2 from writing books so he can blow off steam on something else.

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