Take charge in finding a research topic

After reading chapter 2,  I think Badke is saying how finding the right research topic may increase your ability to writing a great research paper. But then the question is how do you find the right research topic that allows you to write a 5-6 page paper that is loading with great information. Also a topic that you would be able to continue to right a well thought out paper that isn’t repeating the same substance over and over again. You need to think a question you would like to ask that has great information to support your question,but also original. Badke talks about gathering your references, resource and information you will need to start the research process. He talks about using specific words that can narrow your search. The five W’s, who, what , where, when, and why can help you in you discover the information you will need. So choosing the right research topic can make the difference in having more or better resources to support your paper.


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