Search Engine Techniques 101

Sometimes, people go to find something in a search engine and end up seeing that they can’t find what they want. Sadface. Well, usually the problem is that they don’t write the correct words in. People go on the internet and write things like “How do I learn how to shoot with good accuracy in Halo 3 for Xbox 360”. Geeez, that all really isn’t necessary to get the right results, and that is a problem that we’re facing. Proper wording for search engines.

By simply downgrading a little and removing some words your search can become so much accurate. Try entering “Halo 3 accuracy” or “Aiming in Halo 3” it will make the search so much more precise. To get more advanced, there are other things like quotation marks[“… “] and parenthesis[(…)] that can effect the outcome of your search. There are even techniques for searching for more than one thing at a time like “Chicken and waffles”. Or if your looking for one thing without another like “Chicken but not waffles”. There are many different ways to do all of this, you just have to find which helps and which doesn’t.


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