Research Journal

For this research project, I am interested in seeing the coalition between greater access to information resources and drug abuse in teens.  I believe that the vast amount of information and communication tools on the internet can have both positive and negative effects in influencing teens into using drugs.  It took a while for me to refine my topic down to what I have now, but I found that starting with a general topic and branching off from that really helped me narrow down an idea for my paper.  The only challenge I face now is gathering information on the topic and compiling it into an answer to this question.


One response to “Research Journal

  1. I really think this will be a great topic to research and I wish you all of the luck with it. I think it’ll be good because a lot of teens hear about these things and may go online when they get home, look it up, see the wrong thing and start looking for ways to find it. I look foward to hearing about this later in the semester.

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