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In chapter two and onwards I’d have to say William Badke strives to get the point across that we need to not only get a topic that we can work with and sort of relate to but really know how to stretch out with relevant fresh data. That we can’t just spit summaries but we do need them in order to draw in information of a sort. He essentially shows us a bunch of what we have already had experience with in terms of research papers and tells us that quality Research Papers must contain that sort of content but rather then have it as a completed piece to have these more standard papers (usually built up from summaries) as guides to help us sort out our weaknesses in our final paper. A standard paper should work more like a draft where the final product has been refined from that paper what would have been handed in this way we have seen our summary and used it to flesh out more fact rather then call it our paper.


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  1. I completely agree with you by summarizing and calling it our paper it’s not really research either. Instead of having our inputs and thoughts being transmitted and reflected through out the paper we are just sort of repeating our sources when we summarize. So therefore, it will sound more like a book report instead of a research paper. I think we need to think of our research paper as a science project, the kind of science projects we used to do back in middle school where we would choose a problem and we would try to experiment and come up with a hypothesis. I think that if we were to follow the similar procedures that occur in a science project we will be able to be just as interested and involved in our research papers.

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