Research Proposal

I actually don’t have a topic yet I’m undecided in between a couple, but the topic that I’m more drawn to is radiology and the iphone. I’ve had trouble trying to read the articles on this topic mainly because many of them require for you to have a log in name and password. It’s going to be very time consuming for me to sign up for every website I want to look into. The strategies I’ve used is making my keyword search short which has lead me to things closer to what I’m lookin for. I’m researching my topics of interest before I choose the one I’m going to work on. My question is what do you think about my topic I actually got this topic from a comment you made in class about x-ray being able to be send to other countries, and you mentioned that there is less necessity for radiologist .


One response to “Research Proposal

  1. x – ray can be sent to another countries???
    I thought x – ray is some kind of harmful stuff where people should not overly exposed. Or it’s just one of my many mis-understandings?
    but if my question becomes a real question, maybe it’s worth to do a research on.

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