JB Research Journal progress

Well, so far I have come up with 3 ideas on what I should do my research paper on. Ethics: Would we have inventions & innovations without copyright laws?, Facebook: Is it truly a private profile? and Wikipedia: Verified or sourceless information?

The only thing I’ve used so far to get my topics were my real life experiences and questions. Usually when I come across something new in my life, I think about for a bit then move on. Now I just look at this as an excuse to finally go through will all of the questions I have for these topics.

I’ve used www.bubbl.us to brainstorm a few ideas and create a few graphs on each idea so I think I’ll be able to pick which I want to go with by the end of the week.


One response to “JB Research Journal progress

  1. I do like that website bubbl.us i feel like it also us to come up with good ideas because we are allow to see how all our ideas can be broken down. It is also a pretty come way to just allow us to see what part of our research may be unnecessary to our research paper.

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