google scholar research journal hw for 3/23

I found Google scholar to be very useful. I liked the fact that it has an option to show only articles and helps us find scholarly sources very easily.  One of the advanced strategies I used was that I typed in to search my specific keywords on my topic also I excluded patents and legal opinions and journals to get rid of the unwanted information. I typed in the risks if social networking and got quite a few articles. I found an article on social networking called Social Networking Websites and Teens: An Overview which talks about the percentage of teens using social sites and a study showed that there are more girls likely to use the sight. Also how people are “plastering” their personal information for everyone to see.  I found different information from using a regular internet site like more articles and database and college stuff.  Instead of thousands of unwanted results, Google scholar limited it down to give you exactly what you wanted. It was also very easy to find a good article that would work for my topic which in a regular site you would have to keep on looking for relevant information.  The difficulties that aroused were a lot of the good articles were blocked and behind a pay wall you would have to pay a fee and register to view the full article which disappointed me.



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