My First Attempt in Google Scholar

In my first attempt into using Google Scholar I was able to find interesting resources that could be useful for my research topic. I was able to target this information by implementing specific keywords that were related to my topic. One of the books that came up was called Regulating Privacy: Data Protection and Public Privacy in Europe and the United States, By Colin J. Bennett. One of the main questions that this book focuses on is how do these two different regions with cultural differences react to the issues of privacy. The book also gives brief reasoning in to why the Americans and the Europeans have reacted the way they’ve done towards their privacy laws. This book is focusing primarily in to the cultural influence issues that what I will like to write about in my research paper. Like when it states, “The way in which different political systems have regulated the collection, storage, and communication of personal information may tell us about their cultural, ideological and institutional settings as well.” A big portion of my research paper will be based upon the influence of the cultural differences between Europe and the U.S. and how this different cultures and ideologies can have an impact in their concerns towards their privacy laws. So overall, for now, my first attempt and experience in Google Scholar has been pretty useful so far.

-Astrid Sarmiento


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