Cuny+ and Search Engines

With CUNY+ when searching in their database, you are limited to the amount of keywords that you can use.  The more keywords you enter, the fewer results that you will receive. The problem with this method is that if you are only able to enter two to three keywords you won’t find precise information that is related to your topic.  For this reason,  I was only able to find one useful source of information in my results,  that was some how related to my topic.  I think I prefer search engines such as Google Scholar better because you are able to find more accurate and useful results. Actually,  I personally feel that in any search engine you will be able to find more information than in CUNY+,  you will also have the advantage to use more than one keyword in a search engine’s database.

Then again each database is different.  Some databases offer more than others. For example,  an advantage of Google Scholar or any other search engine is that they will usually always give you full/half text article and even though Google Scholar only offers part of an article or a book you are still able to have a notion about what the article or book will be about, while in Cuny+,  most of the information given is located and spread out amongst different Cuny schools and you are only given a short summary of what the article or book will be about. You will even be lucky enough in Cuny+,  if you are able to download a PDF file of the book that you have chosen from your results,  since most of the books can only be found by the Cuny schools that are labeled in each article/book.

-Astrid Sarmiento


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