Search Engine or CUNY Catalogs

Trying to find the right resources that will have the best amount of information to help support for research topic is not easy. Google is usually the first option for researching. Now to search ‘the effectiveness of social media in non profits’. With Google, you can enter phrases or full sentences, making your research really specific. The first top choices that come up are usually the ones that can fit your topic the best, but also safer. Next is to narrow down the searches and see where they lead you. Still you have to search through tons of pages and information. But when using CUNY catalogs, its a little different. With these databases, you can’t really enter in phrases. So making your research process more difficult. This is where using key words or term to help narrow down your search comes into play. You can also search among the schools catalogs, so it maybe more easier to obtain the information in the library. Using CUNY’s database can simplify your search and make it more straight forward. Offering resources that can help save time, instead of running to your local library.


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