Notes from today, and readings for Wednesday 3/30

On Wednesday we’ll begin our discussion of the evaluation of sources and play a game. Remember that your annotated bibliography is due at the beginning of class, either as an attachment emailed to me or a paper copy that you turn in. If you have questions about the annotated bibliography, please contact me or  refer to the guidelines for the assignment.

I’ll submit your midterm grades on Wednesday. If you want to get up to 1/2 credit for the blog post that was due today before class, please post it before Wednesday’s class. The prompt for that post is here.

For Wednesday please begin to think about the criteria you use to evaluate research sources and read 2 articles:

Fister, B. (2003). The devil in the details: Media representation of ritual abuse and evaluation of sources. SIMILE: Studies in Media and Information Literacy Education, 3(2), 1-14.

Grimmelman, J. (2008/2009). The Google dilemma. New York Law School Law Review, 53, 939-950.

Slides from today are available here.


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