Strategies: 1st draft

After finishing up the research proposal and the annotated bibliography I was at a cross roads thinking “Hmm, What do I do now?” Personally I would tried to find a few more articles, and some more information if it was possible.

With this research draft I will definitely use one of my sources from my Annotated Bibliography to start me off. This usually helps me get lifted out of the divot I am usually in when I start a paper. The same spot almost everyone is in when they start writing something.  I compare this start to someone pushing me down a hill. It just gets me rolling so that I can finish strong.

But theres just one thing I do not understand about research papers that I will also ask on tomorrows class. What is the point of research papers? To be more specific, what is a research paper trying to accomplish? Or what do you want our papers to accomplish? I have written two other research papers before and received decent grades. I have also read Badke’s input on what a research paper is. But what are you looking for Professor Leonard?


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